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Sewage treatment

Wastewater Advanced Treatment and Reclaimed Water

Water features

      “Reclaimed water” is relative to feedwater and drainage,it refers to the domestic wastewater or industrial wastewater treated by special technology to achieve the recycle standard,and applying to virescence,industrial water,fire protection,car washing,roads and toilet flushing,etc.,so as to achieve the saving water purpose.

      Generally,domestic wastewater is multiple impurities,irregular emission,low organic matter concentration,and using "Anoxia"+"Aerobic"+"Filter disinfection" can meet the demand of recycling;Industrial wastewater quality difference is very big due to the different raw material,and the water process is quite different too, according to the production raw materials and recycling requirements,generally using oxidation flocculation precipitation,filtration,and disinfection technology after secondary treatment,can meet the recycling demand.Recycling water quality,CODcr≤50 mg/l,BOD5≤10 mg/l,NH3-N≤ 5 mg/l.