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Sewage treatment

Pulp and paper and recycled paper wastewater

Water features:

Paper industry wastewater is divided into three kinds,black liquor,intermediate wastewater and white water.At present,intermediate wastewater is the focus of paper industry wastewater treatment.It mainly derives from scrubbing,screening and bleaching units,composition is complex,contains high concentration recalcitrant composition,such as lignin,cellulose and resinate,these make BOD,COD,SS,chroma quite high and biodegradability bad,so the wastewater is difficult to treat.

According to paper wastewater features,adopting anaerobic-aerobic treatment technology is economic,reasonable and efficient.Because of the high suspended matter contention,setting flocculating sedimentation device to remove these substances and reduce biological treatment load.We refer to domestic and abroad advanced technology,combine with our understanding about paper wastewater,adopt "Flocculation sedimentation basin+HEIC+Activated sludge system+Fenton" process,obtain the good effect.Effluent achieves,CODcr80mg/l,BOD520mg/l,SS30mg/l,NH3-N8mg/l.