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Sewage treatment

Fermentation wastewater

Water features:

The main raw materials of alcohol production are starchy materials(corn,potato,tapioca) and molasses materials.Production wastewater is mainly from distillation residue---alcoholic fermentation wastewater.The pollutants mainly include:solid insoluble matter,protein,starch,sugar,acid and alkali salt,etc.Its main characteristics are high temperature (up to 100 degrees),high-content suspended  matter(general is 10,000-55000mg/l),COD as high as 50,000- 70000mg/l,BOD can reach 20000-40000mg/l,high color,uneven particle size,viscosity,acidic, difficult  to treatment,so they are the main pollution source of alcohol industry.

Because the suspended matter content of alcoholic fermentation wastewater is high,so effective solid-liquid separation is the key of wastewater treatment.Meanwhile, alcoholic fermentation wastewater is high concentration organic wastewater,although it is biodegradable,but we can’t singly use aerobic treatment to process it,and it cannot achieve discharge standards if only adopt anaerobic process.Therefore,generally using "anaerobic--aerobic" combined process.At present,anaerobic process mainly is UASB,aerobic process can use A/O pool,SBR,etc.Combining with specific water characteristics,we summarized a set of effective process:"solid-liquid separation+UASB+SBR".Effluent achieves the Alcohol fermentation industry first-level effluent quality standard of integrated wastewater discharge standard,CODcr100mg/l, BOD5≤20mg/l,SS70mg/l.