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Sewage treatment

Food processing wastewater

Water features:

Food industry wastewater is mainly from raw material cleaning(mainly includes massive suspension),producting(mainly includes massive organic matters),and forming units (mainly includes various food additives).Water quality and quantity fluctuate greatly due to various raw material and production.Its main pollutants include:solid matters floating on wastewater,such as vegetable leaf,peel,frittered meat,etc;fat,protein,starch and colloid material aerosolling in wastewater;acid,alkali,salt and carbohydrate dissolved in wastewater;mire,sand and other organic matters entrained in raw material;pathogenic bacteria .etc.Food industry wastewater’s organic and suspended matters content is high.It generally is perishable and non-toxic.

We can use liquid-solid separation to eliminate the suspended matters,and use biological treatment technology to eliminate COD and BOD.And effluent must discharge after disinfection process.We summarized a set of comprehensively,highly effective and economical process through practice:“Air flotation+Hydrolisis acidification pond+Active sludge process”.The process has following advantages:few invest,good processing effect,stable operation .etc.Effluent achieves the following standard, CODcr50mg/l,BOD510mg/l,SS20mg/l,NH3-N5mg/l.