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Sewage treatment

Slaughter and meat processing wastewater

Water features:

Slaughter wastewater is mainly from hutch washing,leaching,slaughtering,ground flushing,scalding,dissection,carcass trim,oil washing and processing units,etc.It contains massive pollutants such as bloodiness,fur,frittered meat,visceral sundries,undigested food and  feces,etc.Its suspended matter content and chroma are high, COD:800-1800mg/l,BOD:400-800mg/l,SS:300-800mg/l.The wastewater is a kind of typical organic wastewater.Its biodegradability is good,generally non-metals,and rich in protein and fat,so biological process is one of the most effective and economical processing methods.

Because the wastewater includes massive non-dissolving proteins,fat,carbohydrates and other sundries,it generally sets grill,air floatation and flocculation as pretreatment to prevent equipment blocking.Individual aerobic or anaerobic treatment cannot meet the treatment requirements due to the high organics concentration,So we choose “anaerobic+aerobic” unified craft:“Grill+Flotation+Hydrolisis Acidification Pond+A/O pond” process.Confirmed by practice,the process is economical and reasonable.Effluent achieves following standard, CODcr50mg/l,BOD510mg/l,SS20mg/l,NH3-N5mg/l.