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Sewage treatment

Treatment of livestock and poultry breeding wastewater


Livestock and poultry breeding wastewater is mainly from animals manure and house washing,it belongs to high-pollution wastewater.And the key of wastewater treatment is how to remove the ‘three high’(high COD,high SS,high NH3-N) in water.

According to the characteristics of wastewater,we provide three solutions:(1) Comprehensive utilization of energy,the purpose of this solution is to get the maximum economic benefits.Through anaerobic fermentation to make full use of biogas,biogas residue and biogas fluid, biogas is used for power generation and recycled back to farm,biogas residue and biogas fluid are good organic fertilizer; (2)Energy-saving and emission-reduction,the solution give priority to energy-saving and emission-reduction,and economic benefit is complementary.Through pretreatment and improved biological treatment to remove the SS, COD and NH3-N of wastewater,and make the wastewater achieve the standard of direct emission.(3)Wastewater recycling,in view of the long breeding cycle and intermittent emission characteristic,we choose the following craft:‘pretreatment+comprehensive treatment+ disinfection’,effluent can be recycled for animal house washing. 

Energy use:

Energy use + energy-saving emission reduction: