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Water treatment

Pure water, mineral water, pipe straight drinking water, purified water

Pure water standard:

Implementation of 17323-98 bottles (barrels) installed clean drinking water health inspection standards

Pure water process:

Raw water → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → double reverse osmosis → pure water tank → pure water pump → automatic filling line.

Pure water process introduction:

Multi-media filter: quartz sand filter layer commonly used interception of suspended impurities in the water, so that the water was clarified.

Activated carbon filter: as a water treatment desalination system can be adsorbed before the filter can not be removed before the filter odor, color, chlorine and other effluent can effectively improve water quality and prevent pollution, to prevent the level of reverse osmosis membrane to avoid free oxygen poisoning pollution

Two-stage reverse osmosis: pure water is an important part of the system. The first group of permeable membrane reverse osmosis filtered water and then through the second group of reverse osmosis membrane filtration into the filling system after filling.